We all have seen and read that the American Idol 2013 premiere kicks off next week for their two-night premiere. What does the rest of the schedule look like for American Idol Season 12 though? FOX has announced the TV schedule for American Idol Season 12 and along with all the changes on the judges’ panel, we will also see some changes with how the singers are chosen and how many start out for the American Idol 2013 live shows! Who is excited for American Idol Season 12?

Here is a breakdown of what will be happening for American Idol Season 12, besides the fighting between Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj:


The American Idol 2013 auditions were held in New York, Oklahoma City, Long Beach, Charlotte, Chicago, San Antonio and New Orleans. Air dates:

Wednesday, January 16: New York Auditions (8-10pm)
Thursday, January 17: Chicago Auditions (8-10pm)
Wednesday, January 23: Auditions (8-10pm)
Thursday, January 24: Auditions (8-9pm)
Wednesday, January 30: Auditions (8-10pm)
Thursday, January 31: Auditions (8-9pm)


The dreaded Hollywood Week on American Idol is when the singers freak out, fight and get taken off in ambulances. Air dates:

Wednesday, February 6: Hollywood Week, Part 1 (8-10pm)
Thursday, February 7: Hollywood Week, Part 2 (8-9pm)
Wednesday, February 13: Hollywood Week, Part 3 (8-10pm)
Thursday, February 14: Hollywood Week, Part 4 — Top 40 Announced (8-9pm)


There will be 20 guys and 20 girls that will make up the Top 40 on American Idol 2013 and they will head to Vegas to find out which 20 singers will make the live shows. Air dates:

Wednesday, February 20: 10 Male Singers Perform (8-10pm)
Thursday, February 21: 10 Female Singers Perform (8-10pm)
Wednesday, February 27: 10 More Male Singers Perform (8-10pm)
Thursday, February 28: 10 More Female Singers Perform (8-10pm)


Time for the Top 20 to take the stage and sing for America’s votes, but they will be singing from Vegas and getting results from L.A., which is new this season. Five girls and five guys will be moving on. Air dates:

Tuesday, March 5: Top 10 Male Semifinalists Perform (8-10pm)
Wednesday, March 6: Top 10 Female Semifinalists Perform (8-10pm)
Thursday, March 7: Results Show — Top 10 Finalists Announced (8pm)

TOP 10:

This is another change for American Idol Season 12, as we will have a Top 10 take the stage and not a Top 12 or Top 13 like years past. Here is the issues though: looks at the dates below for the starting air dates. With that schedule and one singer going home every week, that would put us at an end date of May 8 and 9. We all know FOX drags American Idol out until the end of May, so no way they would end it early during sweeps time. Can we expect more rounds or non-elimination weeks? Check out the air dates:

Wednesday, March 13: Top 10 Perform (8-10pm)
Thursday, March 14: Results Show (8-9pm)

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