After last week’s shocking American Idol 2012 elimination results show, everyone was left wondering what sort of craziness might ensue this week on American Idol. Would contestants previously considered strong favorites end up in the bottom three again? Or would one of the underdogs finally find themselves on the way out the door? Read on to find out who got voted off on the American Idol elimination results show this week.

Last week after the American Idol elimination results show, a large number of fans seemed to be quite upset over the sudden drop of former favorites Jessica Sanchez and Joshua Ledet into the bottom three with Elise Testone. When Jessica Sanchez ended up being the person ranked last by the voters, her fans went into revolt, spreading their disgust over the vote all over the Internet, including right here on

Rumors of American Idol 2012 conspiracies, rigged results and publicity stunts were all the rage over the last week because a lot of people just could not believe Jessica Sanchez could possibly end up on the bottom. I prefer to believe that American Idol producers would not stoop so low to somehow how push their favorite into getting a sympathy vote win in the finals, but I don’t discount any possibility when it comes to these reality shows.

Despite the past history in pervious years of a double elimination in the week following the use of a judges save, it was not widely expected for there to be an American Idol double elimination this week because of the unexpected disqualification of contestant Jermaine Jones earlier this season.

So who, in the end, got voted off  American Idol 2012 in the elimination results show on Thursday this week? Which contestants ended up going through to the American Idol top 6? Well, if you are prepared for your American Idol spoilers for the week, then read on to find out!

Here are the American Idol live elimination results for the top 7 repeat week:


Joshua Ledet

Skylar Laine

Phillip Phillips

Jessica Sanchez


Hollie Cavanagh

Elise Testone

Colton Dixon

And the person who got voted off American Idol in the elimination results show this week was…

Colton Dixon!

So tell us what you think about the American Idol elimination results this week in the comments section below. Were the voters spot on this time around or did they get it horribly wrong?

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