The Top 7 song list for American Idol 2012 on Wednesday night has been revealed. This week on American Idol, the contestants will be performing ‘songs from this decade’ and it looks like a fun line up of tunes. Interestingly enough, two out of the ten songs being performed tonight belong to a former American Idol winner.


Please do not read on if you do not want to know the top 7 song list for tonight’s American Idol 2012 episode.

The first hint about the American Idol top 7 song list actually came back on April 8th when Nigel Lythgoe leaked one of the songs on his Twitter feed in response to a comment from a fan that Elise Testone could do “You & I” by Lady Gaga.

Lythgoe leaked more tidbits on the American Idol top 7 song list yesterday when he mentioned a song by Gotye making a great duet this week and said there would be two tracks featured by former American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson.

Finally, on Wednesday morning the official American Idol 2012 top 7 song list was revealed in a photo released by Fox. There will reportedly be seven solo performances and three duet/triple combos. Last week, the multiple contestant songs were on the bottom of the list and it looks like that may be true this week as well.

If Lythgoe’s Tweet about Elise Testone meant anything, then she will probably be singing “You and I” by Lady Gaga. As for the rest of the list, I always get it wrong when I try to match songs to contestants. Who do you think will be singing which song tonight in the American Idol top 7 performances?