American Idol 2012 Jessica Sanchez slows down Beyonce song, moves judges and audience, video below. Beyonce’s “Sweet Dreams” (also known as “Beautiful Nightmare”) got a major makeover thanks to American Idol frontrunner Jessica Sanchez. On Wednesday’s show, contestant Sanchez debuted a brand new version of the song, drastically slowing down the track’s tempo.

The result was a moving ballad that received high praise from the judges. The top nine contestants took on the songs of their idols Wednesday night and were mentored by rock and roll royalty, Stevie Nicks. Nicks was blown away with Sanchez’s voice but was also impressed with her ability to learn quickly. “She is a great student,” said the rock star.Idol judge Jennifer Lopez loved that Sanchez turned Beyonce’s uptempo tune into a ballad.

“If I was Beyonce and I was home watching this, I would be thinking ‘I should do that for my next concert,’” Lopez told Sanchez. “It was a really beautiful rendition of it. Really gorgeous.” Lopez said she didn’t want Sanchez to stop singing. “There was a part in there that everybody thought you were going to sing on forever,” Lopez said. “You didn’t and I love that because I wanted more. You left all of us wanting more.”

The fellow judges followed suit, feeling the same way about Sanchez’s performance.

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