American Idol 2012 Jessica Sanchez called perfect and flawless tonight, video below. Jessica Sanchez sang Billy Joel’s “Everybody Has a Dream” tonight on American Idol. Fashion mentor Tommy Hilfiger is a true fan of hers, saying she has “the ability to not only be a music icon, but a fashion icon.”

Guest mentor Diddy told her in rehearsals that she was “oversinging the song,” and didn’t believe in it the way she’s singing it. “Pull back on the tricks, it won’t get you to the superstar level.” They get her to just sing it more simply and that’s just the trick. The judges stand up to join the audience in a standing ovation, and she earned rave reviews. “You’ve gone way past my judging,” said Steven Tyler. “Thank you for letting me hear you sing, baby.” “That was a defining song, that’s you,” said Jennifer Lopez. “You have a moment every time you step up on that stage — it was flawless, it was perfect,” says Randy Jackson. He also praised Diddy, Jimmy Iovine and Hilfiger for giving her good advice.

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