Making a prediction for who will be voted off American Idol 2012 this week seems like an obvious choice. Still, the voters have surprised everyone before with an unexpected elimination, so you never know. However, the real question is probably not so much who will be last in the American Idol elimination results Thursday night and more about which former favorite might just find themselves feeling uncomfortable in the bottom three.

On American Idol last night, it was painfully obvious who the judges think probably won’t be making it through voting this week. American Idol 2012 contestant Hollie Cavanagh has been consistently ranked low in the pack and has faced elimination repeatedly. Last night, unfortunately, she totally failed to redeem herself at all with another weak performance, although judge Randy Jackson did note it was better than last week’s total fail at least.

So, barring a miracle, I fully expect it to be Hollie Cavanagh who ends up on the bottom of the American Idol elimination results Thursday night. Considering her track record and the comments from the judges on her recent performances, I have little doubt they will not decide to use their precious save to keep her around for another week. If they did, she would probably only get the boot next time around and that would be a total waste.

Figuring out an American Idol prediction for who will be in the bottom three with Hollie Cavanagh this week is much more difficult.

There seems little doubt that favorite Jessica Sanchez is in absolutely no danger. After their performances last night, I am also going to hazard a guess that Colton Dixon and Elise Testone will also be safe. If Elise is NOT safe after last night’s amazingly hot performance, there is just something fundamentally wrong with the voters out there in my opinion. Colton I could be wrong about, but he has a lot of fans (mostly young, screaming girls) and his song last night was quite good.

While Joshua Ledet has a strong fan base and he had a really good performance last night, I still feel he might be wobbling on the edge of falling into the bottom three. There just aren’t that many singers left so even the good ones are in danger now. Skylar Laine also had a pretty nice performance on American Idol last night, but her fan base seems to be a bit weaker than Joshua’s and her ride so far on Idol has been a bit of a roller coaster. So I could see Skylar ended up in the bottom three with Hollie.

As for Phillip Phillips, he is the big question of the night. His performance on American Idol last night was very weak and the judges were definately not as impressed as usual with the guy many have considered a strong favorite for the final two. His performances in recent weeks have also felt a bit on the downslide. Considering all that, I think Phillip Phillips could unexpectedly find himself in the bottom three Thursday night, although he is very unlikely to be in any danger of elimination for several more weeks at least.

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