American Idol 2012 is planning a last minute tribute to late TV legend Dick Clark on Wednesday night’s top 7 reboot episode. Dick Clark Died on Wednesday morning from a heart attack at the age of 82.

American Idol 2012 host Ryan Seacrest has a special connection to late TV personality Dick Clark. Seacrest has been co-hosting Dick Clark’s new Year’s Rockin’ Eve since 2005/2006, a year after Clark suffered from a stroke that left him with difficulty speaking and walking. Ryan Seacrest was named Dick Clark’s official successor on the show several years ago.

American Idol 2012 host Ryan Seacrest was reportedly “deeply saddened” by the death of Dick Clark on Wednesday morning. According to E! News, American Idol 2012 producers plan to pay tribute to Clark in “as meaningful way as possible” on Wednesday night’s show.

In a press statement released after he found out Dick Clark died, Seacrest called the former American Bandstand host one of his “greatest influences.”

“When I joined his show in 2006, it was a dream come true to work with him every New Year’s Eve for the last six years,” Seacrest said.

“He was smart, charming, funny and always a true gentleman. I learned a great deal from him, and I’ll always be indebted to him for his faith and support of me. He was a remarkable host and businessman and left a rich legacy to television audiences around the world. We will all miss him.”

On American Idol 2012 Wednesday night, Ryan Seacrest will reportedly read a short statement about Dick Clark in a tribute to his late friend and mentor.