The Top 10 of American Idol season 9 was revealed last night when Paige Miles was eliminated from the compeititon.  This was in no way a surprise to anyone as Paige has failed to deliver an outstanding performance since entering the Top 24.  Whether it was her nerves that got the best of her or the case of laryngitis she had the week before, we will never know.  But we do know that she was by far the worst of any of the singers this season.

So your official Top 10 is:

1. Casey James – love this guy because he is too darned cute.
2. Lee Dewyze – he at least attempts to sing more current songs than the others well except for this past week and he is the most improved.
3. Crystal Bowersox – not a fan of the 60’s music she always has to sing but the girl does have talent
4. Siobhan Magnus – if this quirky dark horse would quit screaming at the end of every song I believe I would like her a lot more.
5. Big Mike Lynche – I don’t care for the R&B genre as much as some of the other styles but this guy really can sing well.
6. Didi Benami – At one time she was my favorite of the girls but last week I didn’t care for her performance as much. What’s up with her trying to sing angry songs all the time?
7. Aaron Kelly – Not a fan but he has the popular tween vote. Ryan called him David Archuleta. Not even close.
8. Katie Stevens – She was suppose to be the one to beat but has fallen way down the ranks and was in the bottom 3 this week.
9. Andrew Garcia – The guy has completely lost it. He ruined himself by singing “Straight Up” and now this is all he is known for.
10. Tim Urban – Why they brought this guy back to the competition to take the place of Chris GoLightly I will never know. He has no talent whatsoever and should have been eliminated a long time ago. By far the weakest link and we can thanks those worsters for their victory on this one.

So there you go America. Are you willing to pay money to go see this bunch on tour? I know I’m not.

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