The beautiful Seychelles Islands is the location for this leg of The Amazing Race.  The teams faced detours with Turtles or Ox and swam to the ocean floor to receive a map in a bottle before reaching their pit stop. 
Brent and Caite almost quit the race when they leave a coconut behind and have to drive their ox back a mile and a half to retrieve it.  These two whine a good bit of the time and really grate my nerves.  I pretty much pull against them every episode.  They do let the detectives follow them to the pit stop at the end so I give them a point for that.  
The Father/Daughter duo leave their backpacks at the detour and decide not to go back and get them.  They have their passports with them so they are not really concerned to retrieve their clothes and other necessities they may need.  Should be interesting to see if they are able to buy some clothes to continue in the race because the father doesn’t even have a shirt.  They come in first on this leg.  
The cowboys would have come in fifth but they managed to leave their bottle on the boat and Phil sends them back to pick it up.  This puts them in last place but lucky for them it is a non elimination leg.  
Will the cowboys manage to complete the task only they have to do next week in order to remain in the competition?

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