We are going to welcome the teams on The Amazing Race 2014 to the jungle tonight on The Amazing Race All Stars 2014, but it doesn’t look like it is going to be a warm welcome for them! After making their own homemade rafts to go ride the rapids, it looks like they are falling apart under all the pressure and we have Rachel Reilly swimming for safety and screaming loudly! Follow along with our Amazing Race 2014 Live Recap and see who got eliminated on The Amazing Race 2014 tonight!

The Amazing Race All Stars 2014 Spoilers - Week 3 Preview 6

Last week on Amazing Race All Stars 2014, the focus was on Mark and Mallory and how they would handle leaving a backpack behind! It was drama, drama, drama with them, as Mallory was in charge of Mark’s backpack and left it on the sidewalk as Mark loaded up their kiddy car in the trunk of the taxi. She did have his passport and medicine he would need for car sickness, but he still demanded that they go back and get it. They did and it ended up putting them in last place and were eliminated on The Amazing Race 24!

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Here we go…things kick off with Brendon & Rachel and they head to the airport to catch one of two flights to Malaysia. There are six flights on the first flight, so watch out! The other teams take off and head to the airport and it looks like Dave & Connor got the first flight, along with Jet & Cord, Flight Time & Big Easy, Margie & Luke, Jen & Caroline and Leo & Jamal! Brendon & Rachel get lost in taxi, so they come in as the first team on the second flight, along with Jessica & John and Joey & Meghan.

The first flight lands in Malaysian Borned and now they are heading to the waterfalls. The clue is a Road Block, which has the teams propelling ten stories down the rocks with the Travelocity gnome to pick up the clue. Dave gets done first and now they will head to Kampung Tompinahaton for the next clue!

Cord and Luke are doing it, but Cord is propelling down and looking to his right, but the clues are on the left! He gets to the bottom and no clue with him! Luke gets it done before him now. Big Easy is too big to do this challenge, so Flight Time has to do it. The three final teams are on their flight and decided to all work together and compete at the end to see who checks in last. Dave & Connor get to the clue, which is a Detour: River Delivery, which is to transport goods down the river to a village or Jungle Run, which has the teams joining a jungle run and shoot things with a bamboo gun!

Dave & Connor do the river delivery and have their raft built and grab the supplies and are headed out. Margie & Luke are struggling with building the rafts, as they can’t tie knots! Then on the raft they can’t make eye contact, so they have a hard time communicating on this one. Dave & Connor are not sure of where to deliver the goods and think it is six bridges, so they miss it and now way past it! Leo & Jamal get the delivery done and Jet & Cord arrive and ask Leo & Jamal if it is the right place and they tell the truth this race! They don’t want Double U-Turns put on them!

Dave & Connor realize they missed their point, so they get on shore and will have to walk it back! The final three teams arrive and head out in Malaysian Borned! Leo & Jamal are now heading down and think it is smooth sailing, but the rapids pick up and now it is no joke! However, Jet & Cord avoid them and pass right by them.

Dave & Connor get back to the spot with their supplies and head back to their raft, but are ahead of the gang now because they went too far and they avoided all the crazy rapids. Now they are back in first and head to the next spot, which is Tanjun Aru Water Village and the Pit Stop for this leg of The Amazing Race 2014!

Rachel propels down the rocks in her underwear so she doesn’t lose sequins on her shorts! Jessica completes it and Joey, but then Joey & Meghan sent their taxi away and now must walk to find a taxi!

At the Pit Stop, Dave & Connor get to Phil Keoghan first and win a trip to Budapest, Hungary! Jet & Cord are second and Leo & Jamal in third. Joey & Meghan see no taxis in sight, so they start running down the hill. They find a house and have the resident call a taxi for them and are now off and racing again on The Amazing Race All Stars 2014. Jen & Caroline and Flight Time & Big Easy are hunting down fake birds and Jen is struggling, but Caroline nailed it first shot. The Globetrotters get their birds and head out!

John & Jessica build their raft and it is crap and they get in the water to try it, but they need to rebuild that thing! They head out and give it a try, as Rachel & Brendon are building theirs. Margie & Luke check-in with Phil as team four! Rachel & Brendon hit some rocks and rapids and their stick breaks and now they have to fix the raft in the water. Joey & Meghan start building their raft as Flight Time & Big Easy check-in as team five. Meanwhile Rachel keeps questioning how every other team did it as she struggles!

Jen & Caroline check-in as team six. Jessica & John are hunting the fake birds and she nails it and he is struggling. Joey & Meghan are rafting now and Brendon & Rachel hit even more rapids and he goes sailing down the river and she loses the raft! They get parts of their raft and Brendon goes searching for the other parts and they make it work and head out!

John gets his bird and they head out, as Brendon & Rachel start shooting fake birds. Jessica & John check-in as team number seven. Brendon gets his bird and now it is on Rachel and Joey & Meghan are still paddling! Rachel gets that bird and we see them check-in as team number eight. That means we watch Joey & Meghan complete the leg and check-in with Phil as the last team and have been eliminated on The Amazing Race 2014 tonight!

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