It looks like we are going to have some drama tonight on The Amazing Race 2014 and it all centers around a backpack! Should The Amazing Race All Stars 2014 team go back and get it or keep moving along and just never change their clothes the whole race? For $1 million, I’d be stinky and deal with it! I guess we will see what the team on The Amazing Race Season 24 decides to do below in our The Amazing Race 2014 Live Recap and see who got eliminated on The Amazing Race 2014 tonight!

The Amazing Race 2014 Spoilers - Week 2

Last week on Amazing Race All Stars 2014, the 11 returning teams kicked things off at the UCLA football stadium with the band playing for them. The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan started the race off with some bad news, as Bopper found out he had an inflamed pancreas and was advised not to race this season! In his place came Mallory and that means getting to know someone while competing for $1 million! They survived the first leg of the race, as ours ears rejoiced when Twinnies (Natalie & Nadia) struggled the whole leg and finally were the last team to check-in with Phil and were eliminated! Who saw that one coming?

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Here we go…the second leg of the race begins and it is Jet & Cord kick things off and will head to the Chen Clan Academy and stand still in front of the master to get the next clue. They are excited to have an Express Pass, but not liking the fact they have to give someone the second one.

Brendon & Rachel take off and she is running through the woods to not be seen! Margie & Luke are next and he does not want to wait for anyone and she is losing patience with him.

Apparently the Academy is hard to find, as no one knows where they are going. The teams are getting to the subway and it looks like Brendon & Rachel get there first with the next clue, which is in Chinese and a stamp on their forehead! Dave & Connor get their clue and head out in the taxi while Team Brenchel waits and Mark & Mallory and The Afghanimals arrive as they head out.

Dave & Connor get to the next clue, which is a Road Block: Child’s Play requires teams to build a kiddy car! When it is road ready, they will get the next clue. Dave is feeling good about this challenge, as he has built many in his day with five kids. This kiddy car has dozens of parts and directions in Chinese! We now have Margie, Jamal, Brendon, Mark, Flight Time, Meghan and John working on their cars.

Caroline & Jen get the clue at the Academy and head out as the Cowboys finally arrive on The Amazing Race 2014 and they went from first to last! However, the Cowboys get a taxi first and move a little ahead of the Country Singers.

The Cowboys finally arrive and Cord starts building the kiddy car and they decide not to use the Express Pass. Meanwhile, Mark can build a car and he gets his done already! They get the clue and now will head to Guangzhou Children’s Cultural Center with their kiddy car. Margie is done next.

Mark gets the kiddy car in the taxi and Mallory was in charge of his backpack and they head out with his backpack on the ground! Caroline is building the car and not happy and being dramatic. Dave finishes and Jamal too and they head out. Dave gets a cab fast, but the Afghanimals are not finding one and that is when Mallory figures out the backpack is gone and he wants to go back and get it.

Back at the kiddy cars, Jen decides to do some flirting with Jet to get that Express Pass! Brendon finishes and head out and then Cord finishes! Jet asks him if they want to give Jen & Caroline the Express Pass. He gives in and Jen & Caroline skip the kiddy car!

Mark & Mallory turn in their car and get the next clue, which is a Detour: Feather-Ball, which is like hacky-sack and requires a player to join a team and make ten passes of a shuttlecock, or China Cup, which is to get a traditional massage with these hot glass cups. Margie gets her card turned in and will do feather-ball, but Mark wants to go get the backpack before they move on! Mallory is all against it and he is blaming her, which it is kind of her fault. He put her in charge of the backpack, but she does have his passport and that is all they need.

He is saying he doesn’t have the means to buy new clothes and it wasn’t his backpack, but he is using the poor card and that is sad on The Amazing Race 2014, but it looks like they are going back to get the backpack.

Margie & Luke and Dave & Connor start playing feather-ball, as Jen & Caroline arrive at the car place and the Afghanimals are shocked. Meghan and John are building the kiddy car and it looks like a battle of them for last place?Meghan finishes and could move on, but she stops and help John get his car working and good karma can always be a good thing on Amazing Race All Stars 2014, right?

Mark gets his backpack and seem to have caught up with everyone, as all the teams seem to have picked feather-ball. Dave & Connor finally get it done and get the next clue, which is to head to Shamian Island for the Pit Stop! Caroline & Jen are next and then Margie & Luke finish.Then we see Jet & Cord, Brendon & Rachel and Leo & Jamal finish.

Now it looks like Mark & Mallory, Joey & Meghan and John & Jessica are at feather-ball and the next clue is the Pit Stop, so the pressure is on! Mallory wants to switch to the other detour, but Mark said no way in knowing how long that will take.

We see a footrace to the Pit Stop, as Brendon & Rachel get their first and Margie & Luke are right behind them! Caroline & Jen are third and Dave & Connor are fourth. Flight Time & Big Easy are fifth. Jet & Cord are sixth. Leo & Jamal are seventh and all seven teams are on the mat at one time! For winning this leg of the race, Brendon & Rachel win $2,500 each!

Joey & Meghan get the feather-ball done and then Jessica & John are next done. Mallory & Mark came close, but missed it by one! They both head out and check-in with Phil as team eight and nine and are both safe this week. Mark & Mallory get it done and check-in with Phil as the last team and have been eliminated on The Amazing Race 2014 tonight!

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