Sunday nights never feel right unless there is a season of The Amazing Race on and it finally feels right tonight, as The Amazing Race 2014 premiere is upon us and host Phil Keoghan kicks things off with the 11 All Star teams for The Amazing Race All Stars 2014! Yes, we have another CBS reality competition show with an All Star cast. While some people complain about them “recycling the same faces,” I think a lot of people enjoy seeing some of their favorites again, which is why we have All Stars for The Amazing Race Season 24! Watch the premiere with us during our Amazing Race 2014 Live Recap and see who got eliminated on The Amazing Race 2014 tonight!

The Amazing Race 2014 Spoilers - Season 24 Premiere

I know many of us don’t like the All Star editions of these shows and they all had their chance to win before, but I personally like them because they are familiar faces and people I know, so I don’t have to sit through four weeks of a show before finally learning all their names! It is always so hard trying to figure them all out, especially during the premiere episode and so much is going on as it is!

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The fun begins soon, so stay right here for our Live Recap beginning shortly!


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Due to golf running over, we will start the premiere and live recap tonight at 8:13 pm EST!

Here we go…it looks like we are starting things off at the UCLA football field, as Phil Keoghan is there with the band to meet the Season 24 teams. Let’s look at the teams! Who are you most excited to see back?

The racers get to Phil Keoghan and said one of the racers had to make an emergency visit to the doctor. It was Bopper, who had a pancreas attack and the doctor does not think he is healthy enough to race around the world! He has an inflamed pancreas and it could be bad if it got worse. His partner, Mark, can still race and will not be partnered with Mallory from Season 17 and Season 18.

The teams will head to China first and will search through the band members to find ones with certain symbols on their hats. The team that wins this leg of the race will win an Express Pass for them and one to hand out to any team by the fifth leg of The Amazing Race 2014! If they find them first, they get on the first flight. Leo & Jamal, Jet & Cord, Dave & Connor and Natalie & Nadiya are on the first flight. The rest of the teams are on the second flight.

The teams are driving to the airport now to get on their flights. The flights have taken off and when they land they must head to the Street of Wedding Dresses and find one of three stores, which each have a limited number of clues. The teams are arriving and it is a street full of wedding dresses! The Twinnies and Afghanimals are working together and no clue where they are going. Jet & Cord get to the shop first and get the next clue, which is to head to Canton Tower. The second flight arrives and three teams (Jessica & John, Jen & Caroline and Joey & Meghan) are on the last train, so they are fighting for the bottom spot!

Meanwhile, the Twinnies and Afghanimals keep passing the shops with the clues! The last three teams find someone on the train to lead them to the shops, so they are off. Jet & Cord arrive at Canton Tower and get to the bubbles for the clue. They get in one bubble and the clue says try again!

The Twinnies give up on Leo & Jamal and go with Jen & Caroline, but Leo & Jamal find the correct shop right afterwards! Jet & Cord get on the right bubble and get the next clue, which is to head to Haixinsha Stadium. The other teams are arriving and Brendon & Rachel are the only ones to get the clue.

Joey & Meghan and Jessica & John finally get the clue to head to Canton Tower, as Natalie & Nadiya and Jen & Caroline are in last place on The Amazing Race 2014! They finally get the clue and head out. They get to the bubbles and Jen & Caroline get one with a clue, but Twinnies do not and have to go around again!

Jet & Cord get to the stadium and it is a Road Block called Head Over Heels, where one player will get in a weird costume and strap in for five backflips as they travel 300 feet up the tower! Do it right and get the next clue! Cord will do it and Brendon is right behind him. They are way up in the air, but Cord gets it done and gets that clue! They will now head to Guangzhou Opera House for the Pit Stop on this leg of Amazing Race 2014!

Jet & Cord get to the Pit Stop and they see Phil Keoghan and they are the first team to check-in, so they get an Express Pass and a second Express Pass to hand out! We see Brendon & Rachel check in as Team #2. Dave & Connor are Team #3, Margie & Luke are Team #4, Leo & Jamal are Team #5.

We may have a short season with The Twinnies, as they can’t stop arguing with each other to focus and are falling behind everyone at the bubbles and will wait for Team YouTube to get done and get in their bubble to get a clue for sure. They finally get on an even one and get the clue, so now it is a battle between them two to see who can get to Phil first.

Mallory & Mark are Team #6. Flight Time & Big Easy are Team #7. Jessica & John are Team #8. Jen & Caroline are Team #9. Now it is down to Joey and Natalie for the backflips. Joey gets it done first and they check-in with Phil as Team #10. Natalie & Nadiya are the last team to check-in with Phil and they have been eliminated on The Amazing Race 2014! How crazy is that???

What do you think of the results on The Amazing Race 2014 tonight?

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