With only five teams remaining on The Amazing Race 2013, the pressure is getting higher and higher and it might make some teams turn on each other and some turn to cheating, even though they preached about playing the game the right way last week on The Amazing Race Season 23! When $1 million is on the line, you bet the pressure is high and maybe the teams will finally turn on each other instead of being worried about making friends on The Amazing Race 2013. Check out a sneak peek of Week 9 on The Amazing Race 23 below in our Amazing Race 2013 spoilers video!

Amazing Race 2013 Spoilers - Week 9 Preview

Last week on The Amazing Race Season 23, we had the teams taking on the Double U-Turn. We saw Travis & Nicole use the final Express Pass of the season to skip over the Detour and get to the Double U-Turn, which they used on Leo & Jamal because they lied to them before about using the U-Turn on Brandon & Adam, which they really did. They want to play an honest game, so they were lied right to their face and paid the Afghanimals back because of it. It didn’t hurt them, as they still finished in fourth and baseball wives Nicky & Kim were eliminated.

Tonight the teams head to Indonesia on The Amazing Race 2013 and it gets ugly. Nicole struggles with one of the challenges and looks for some help from the Leo, but he is not having it! Cheating Nicole, huh? And the Ice Queens, Ally & Ashley, look to get ticked off at each other! Check out the sneak peek here:

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