It all comes down to tonight on The Amazing Race 2013, as the final four teams travel through Tokyo and Alaska in order to be named the winners on The Amazing Race Season 23. They want that title, but more importantly they want that $1 million prize! So, who wins The Amazing Race 2013 tonight? We have our ideas on it and made our finale predictions below in our Amazing Race 2013 spoilers!

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Amazing Race 2013 Spoilers - Finale Predictions

Last week on The Amazing Race Season 23, the teams took on some interesting challenges, which consisted of eating snakes to boiling eggs in a crater! The best challenge of the season had the teams have to do each other up in makeup and get done up like a traditional bride. Jason makes a pretty drag queen, huh? It was the Detour that took down Leo & Jamal, as they searched and searched to find a tool in a tea field. After hours of no luck, they decided to switch to the makeup. They get there and say no way to shaving their beards, so headed back to find the tool. They finally found it, but it was too late and they checked in with host Phil Keoghan as the last team. However, non-elimination leg of the race and they survived!

The four teams head to Tokyo to continue the race and I think that is where we will lose Leo & Jamal. They have a Speed Bump to do, which I think will be the death of them. Spoilers are out for The Amazing Race Season 24, which is an All Stars version and both Leo & Jamal and Tim & Marie were rumored to be on it. I guess that means Jason & Amy or Nicole & Travis win tonight, huh?

Both those teams have ticked me off the last couple weeks and I want neither of them to win, but I am picking Jason and Amy as the winners of The Amazing Race Season 23 tonight. Who do you think it will be?

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