We are one week away from the finale on The Amazing Race 2013, so the pressure is on for these four remaining teams as they fight for a spot in The Amazing Race Season 23 finale. To get there, it looks like they will be making their way through Indonesia and be faced with eating snakes! Cobras to be exact, as they bang up against the window right in front of them! I think producers are making it more dramatic then it will be tonight on The Amazing Race 2013! For a sneak peek, check out our Amazing Race 2013 spoilers video below!

Amazing Race 2013 Spoilers - Week 10 Preview

Last week on The Amazing Race 23, the five teams headed out of Abu Dhabi and made their way to Indonesia for what would be an interesting leg of the race. Nicole & Travis used the U-Turn on Leo & Jamal the week before because they lied to them earlier in the season and they want to be known for playing an honest game. Well, Nicole threw that out the window at one of the challenges when she couldn’t figure it out and kept trying to see how Leo successfully completed it, even though he kept hiding it from her. The only reason why Nicole completed it was because Amy showed her how it was done, which allowed her to beat out Ally & Ashley, who finished in last and were eliminated!

Tonight on The Amazing Race 2013, the teams will stay in Indonesia and the tensions will be high, as they all know a spot in the finale is on the line. The fact of eating snakes might add to the stress too! Check out a sneak peek here:

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