The weekend is coming to an end and that is no good, but it also is a good thing because we have a new episode of The Amazing Race 2013 tonight and the teams heading out of Chile and there will be some drama at the airport when some bold moves are made by one of the teams on Amazing Race Season 23. Phil Keoghan will send the teams to Portugal tonight on Amazing Race 2013 and the remaining teams will fight to not be the last team to check-in. Check out our Amazing Race 2013 preview below and get a sneak peek of tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race 23!

Amazing Race 2013 Spoilers - Episode 3 Preview

Last week on Amazing Race 2013, the teams stuck around Chile and had to wait for their next clue location to open, so all the teams started fresh and on the same page. However many chances they had to get out of the last spot, Shane & Rowan kept making mistakes that kept them right in that spot: from taking the wrong bus to using the wrong shoe-shining stand. This lead to them checking in with Phil Keoghan last on Amazing Race 23, so they were eliminated on the second leg of the race.

Tonight the teams will be heading to Portugal and have a knightly Road Block. The drama will happen at the airport, as Nicky & Kim make a bold move. They are standing in line for their airline tickets with Tim & Marie and Jason & Amy. They have this orderly line, which Marie probably setup. However, it appears that Nicky & Kim called ahead to be on the waiting list and this does not sit well with the other teams! They stand their ground though, which I love!

Check out the sneak peek below and then come back tonight for our Amazing Race 2013 Live Recap:

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