It seems like some players might be eating their own words tonight on Amazing Race 2013, as Nicole & Travis made claims of wanting to play an honest game while on The Amazing Race Season 23. Now it appears that Nicole stoops to a new low, as she struggles on a challenge tonight and might want to cheat by looking at another player’s completed task to get hers done. Will it work or won’t it? Karma is a b, folks! Watch it all down with us tonight during our Amazing Race 2013 Live Recap and see who got eliminated on The Amazing Race 2013 tonight with us!

Amazing Race 2013 Spoilers - Week 9

Last week on The Amazing Race Season 23, we had the teams taking on the Double U-Turn. We saw Travis & Nicole use the final Express Pass of the season to skip over the Detour and get to the Double U-Turn, which they used on Leo & Jamal because they lied to them before about using the U-Turn on Brandon & Adam, which they really did. They want to play an honest game, so they were lied right to their face and paid the Afghanimals back because of it. It didn’t hurt them, as they still finished in fourth and baseball wives Nicky & Kim were eliminated.

The teams head to Indonesia tonight and it looks like cheating by Nicole and Ally & Ashley have some tension between them that turns into some awkward silence between them. Follow along with our Live Recap starting soon!


Don’t want to know what happened on our Amazing Race Season 23 Live Recap or see who went home on The Amazing Race 2013 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


Here we go….the teams are leaving Abu Dhabi tonight and heading to Indonesia. Nicole & Travis depart first. They will head to Ram Arena to get the next clue. We start with them saying lying and cheating and stealing should not be a part of anyone’s life, but we’ll see how that goes.

Leo & Jamal get a late start to their start time, so they take off at the same time as Ally & Ashley. Tim & Marie are arguing on the taxi ride over. At the airport, Leo & Jamal confront Travis & Nicole on using the U-Turn on them, but they aren’t buying it. All the teams are on the same flight, so it is a new game and they are all heading to the Ram Arena in Indonesia now!

The teams get to the next clue and they have to pick up two head-butting rams and take them to a festival and watch them butt heads! Then load them back on the same truck and get their next clue. Nicole & Travis are first and Ally & Ashley are right behind them.

Nicole & Travis get the next clue and will now head to Rancaekek Station amd travel by train back to Bandung and find their next clue on the bus on Amazing Race 2013. Leo & Jamal are with the rams and Tim & Marie behind them and Jason & Amy in last place.

Ally & Ashley get to the train station first and Travis & Nicole right behind them and get on the train leaving 12 minutes ahead of them. Tim & Marie get done, but having issues with their taxi. Jason & Amy get done and head out before Tim & Marie! They get the taxi finally and heading out.

Leo & Jamal get on the same train and Jason & Amy arrive at the station, but can’t get tickets in time and miss the train! They will be waiting it out with Tim & Marie for an hour, as the Ice Queens, Afghanimals and Travis & Nicole get a lead going.

The other teams get back to Bandung and find the next clue, which is a Detour: For The Elephants, which requires them to head to the market and get some fruits and veggies and then take them over to the zoo and feed the elephants, or For The Birds, which requires the teams to find two matching birds and take them to a festival and have the birds sing for the judges.

Leo & Jamal decide For The Elephants and Nicole & Travis do the birds. Ally wanted to do elephants, but Ashley thought birds would be easier. They decide on elephants. They head to the zoo and not the market! Leo & Jamal are getting their fruits and veggies at the market to feed the elephants. Nicole & Travis have their birds and at festival and trying to get birds to sing.

Tim & Marie and Jason & Amy get on the train finally and Jason & Amy are feeling defeated after barely missing the train earlier. Aly & Ashley finally figure out they were supposed to go to the market first, so they get in a cab and head back there.

Nicole & Travis get there birds singing and get the next clue on The Amazing Race Season 23, which is to head to Saung Angklung Udjo for the next clue. Ally & Ashley get to the market, but send their taxi away! They now waste more time trying to find a taxi to put their stuff in. Tim & Marie and Jason & Amy arrive and are doing the elephants. Ally & Ashley get into a huge fight, as they can’t fit the sugar cane into the taxi and leave it! Why???

Leo & Jamal feed their elephants and head out and see the Ice Queens and give them their scarves to use to help transport the fruit, but who knows what they are going to do with the sugar canes! Nicole & Travis get to the next clue and it is a Road Block, which is to assemble an Angklung, which is a musical instrument. They must put all the notes in order and play a complete octave. Nicole takes it, even though Travis felt more comfortable with him doing the music. No other teams around, so he let her do it.

Jason & Amy have a blanket to use for all their fruits and veggies and then Jason holds the stalks down on the roof of the taxi. Tim & Marie seem to be loading right behind them. Leo starts on the Angklung and I have been bothered by them the past few weeks, but they are funny tonight and I may start to like the Afghanimals again.

Jason & Amy and Tim & Marie both feed the elephants and get the clue, but Ally & Ashley have to go back and get the sugar cane. Nicole tries to get her Angklung checked and it is not right. Leo tries his and it seems a success, but the stand is not right! Tim & Marie have a system of switching back and forth on the Road Blocks, but she feels this is for Tim and has to do with music.

Amy and Tim start building and Nicole tries again and is not successful. Leo tries and is right this time and gets the clue. Jamal is yelling for him to destroy it so no one can see how he did it, but in comes Nicole and she is trying to see it! Leo keeps hiding it from her and breaks it down before she can really see anything. What happened to playing an honest game for your kids to see on The Amazing Race 2013???

Leo comes out and celebrates and slaps all the kids hands, but they read the clue and head out to the Bosscha Observatory for the next Pit Stop! Tim tries and is correct, so they get the next clue! Nicole tries to check it out before he goes, but no luck. Leo & Jamal get to Phil Keoghan first and check-in as team number one and have won $7,500 each! Tim & Marie check-in as the second team.

Back at the Road Block and Amy gets her instrument done and gets the next clue. Jason tells Amy to go help Nicole before the Ice Queens get there. She starts helping, but then Ally & Ashley arrive and Amy hurries up and puts the legs in order for her. Jason & Amy check-in as team number three and Nicole & Travis are right behind them and are teams number four. I lost all respect for Nicole & Travis tonight on The Amazing Race 2013. Anyone else?

Ally & Ashley build their instrument and come to the Pit Stop and are the last team to arrive and have been eliminated on The Amazing Race Season 23 tonight!

What do you think of the results on The Amazing Race 2013 tonight?

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