The teams on The Amazing Race 2013 are making their way from Austria to Abu Dhabi tonight on The Amazing Race Season 23. Leo and Jamal call this place their motherland, so they are confident in how they will do tonight on Amazing Race 2013. Will they be correct though? Find out during our Amazing Race 2013 Live Recap and find out who got eliminated on The Amazing Race 2013 tonight!

Amazing Race 2013 Spoilers - Week 7

Last week on The Amazing Race Season 23, the teams headed to Austria for the next leg of the race. This leg consisted of finding masks at a ball, singing with the Vienna Boys Choir and running through a maze. It also featured Tim & Marie stealing a cab from Jason & Amy, which resulted in Jason and Amy being completely over them and some drama at the check-in, as both teams arrived to Phil Keoghan at the same time. However, they were not the last team, as Tim & Danny found themselves as the last team to check-in with Phil and were eliminated from the race! I actually liked them and was rooting for them!


Don’t want to know what happened on our Amazing Race Season 23 Live Recap or see who went home on The Amazing Race 2013 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


Nicole & Travis won the last leg of the race, so they are first ones to take off. They are headed to Abu Dhabi and then to the Sheikh Zayed Mosque for the next clue. Leo & Jamal feel they have a little advantage heading here and they speak some Arabic and they are going to their motherland. Ally & Ashley are starting last and hoping Leo & Jamal help them out on this leg of the race.

At the airport, Leo & Jamal get a flight arriving at 5:50 am. All the other teams are going to arrive at 6:00 am, so the Afghanimals will get a ten minute lead once there, so not much.

All the teams arrive in Abu Dhabi and head out for the first clue. The Mosque is amazingly beautiful and Leo & Jamal get the next clue, which is to head to Irani Souk for the next clue. The women are having to cover their head since it is part of the religion. Nicole & Travis started the leg in first, but now find themselves in last place on The Amazing Race 2013.

They get to the next clue, which is a Detour: Sort It Out, which requires the teams to sort through a variety of things to find the exact match and build a display matching the example, or Sew It Up, which requires the teams to assemble a traditional fishing net.

Leo & Jamal are doing Sort It Out and it is really specific. They are missing more of the items they can use and think they can only use certain tables. Jason & Amy start on the fishing net. Ally & Ashley, Nicky & Kim and Tim & Marie arrive at Sort It Out and Nicole & Travis are building their fishing net. I would definitely be doing the fishing net!

Marie is being the normal controlling self and yelling at Tim while he is trying to look at the example. They continue their fighting non-stop and very loud and the other teams are embarrassed for them! They move past their yelling and start working on the display. Nicole screws up the base of the fishing net and Travis must redo it, so they are thinking of using their Express Pass because they are falling behind!

Leo & Jamal think they have the display good and turn it in, but they have it wrong and must try again. Nicky & Kim found the table down the way with the correct dates, but are not sharing it with anyone! Nicole & Travis are continuing to work on the net and Jason & Amy finish theirs and get it checked out and they are correct, so they get the next clue to head to the Al Bandar Marina and take a luxury cruise from there to the Yas Marina for the next clue.

Leo & Jamal find the right dates and tell everyone, like Nicky & Kim thought they would. They fix their display and get the next clue. Nicole & Travis finish their net and are correct, so they move on. Ally & Ashley and Nicky & Kim are not correct with their displays, but Tim & Marie are correct and move on. Ally & Ashley finish after them and move on, but Nicky & Kim are incorrect again!

Leo & Jamal take off on their cruise as Nicky & Kim finish their display correctly. Tim & Marie and Ally & Ashley get on the yacht, but must wait and Nicky & Kim try to catch it, but miss it and now must wait 15 minutes for the next one!

Leo & Jamal and Jason & Amy arrive at Yas Marina and get the next clue, which is a Road Block called Drop and Dive. They have to jump 200 feet and then get in a race car and ride with a professional driver around the track and find the name and time of the record holder. Once they can provide the correct information they will get the next clue. Jason and Amy made an agreement before The Amazing Race Season 23 that she was going to do all the challenges with heights involved, but he has done all of them so far!

Leo tries, but does not know the name and he must go back out! Jason comes in and tries, but screws up and must go back out again! Leo gets it right the second time and gets the clue, which is to head to the Champions Podium for the Pit Stop. Jason comes in again and he gets the name right, but screws up the time! Meanwhile, Travis starts the drop and heads into the car.

Leo & Jamal get to the Champions Podium and check-in with Phil Keoghan as team number one and they have won a trip for two to Paris, France! I guess they did have an advantage in their motherland???

Jason comes in again and he gets it right this time, so they are heading to the Pit Stop on Amazing Race 2013. Ally and Marie start the drop and Travis gets it right on the first time and they are heading to the Pit Stop! Ally and Marie are both incorrect in their first attempt.

Jason and Amy check-in as second team and Nicole and Travis check-in as third team and still have the Express Pass in their hands. Nicky & Kim get to Drop as Marie gets the name correct and they head to the Pit Stop and check-in as the fourth team.

Kim does the drop as Ally screws up the name again and heads out again. Kim is now in the car and Ally comes in and screws up the name again! Kim comes in and does not have it and Ally is behind her and incorrect also. Ally gets it right and heads out and Kim gets it right right behind them, so now it is a race to the finish.

Ally & Ashley get there first and check-in as team number five. Nicky & Kim check-in as the last team on this leg, but it is a non-elimination leg of the race and they are safe! However, they will have to do a Speed Bump during the next leg of the race to make up for it!

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