It seems that these teams on The Amazing Race 2013 all want to work together, even though most of the teams hate Marie. They seem to forget their hatred when the challenges come on and everyone is always sharing information with each other. Jason & Amy are good at that, as Amy was helping everyone with the task last week and how to hang their fish heads. Don’t they know they are all competing for $1 million on The Amazing Race Season 23? Anyway, the drama continues tonight during our Amazing Race 2013 Live Recap and see who got eliminated on The Amazing Race 2013 tonight with us!

Amazing Race 2013 Spoilers - Week 6

We finally saw Marie give up the second Express Pass, sort of, last week on The Amazing Race Season 23. She left the choice up to Tim and he told her to use it, so they gave it to Nicole &Travis for help with directions to the next Pit Stop. Tim & Marie ended up using the Express Pass last week, but Nicole & Travis kept theirs intact.

Now we get to see the teams take on some sing and are faced with using a Fast Forward. Will they take it or not? Also, we get to see some alliance tested, as Tim & Marie appear to steal the cab from Jason & Amy. Marie tries to justify it, but that won’t work out well! Watch it during our Live Recap starting soon!


Don’t want to know what happened on our Amazing Race Season 23 Live Recap or see who went home on The Amazing Race 2013 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


We start out in Poland tonight, but it looks like the teams will now be heading to Austria. The first team to take off is Tim & Marie (ugh) and they will all be taking a 640-mile train ride to the Vienna Opera House for the first clue.

Thanks for the magic of the producers, all of the team but Leo & Jamal and Ally & Ashley get on the first train. The other teams get on the second train, which is not far behind and all the teams pretty much arrive at the Opera House at the same time! Meanwhile, Leo & Jamal are trying to convince everyone that they did not use the u-turn on Brandon & Adam to look like good guys. I used to like the Afghanimals too!

The teams on The Amazing Race Season 23 get to the Opera House and get the next clue, which is a Detour: Masquerade, which the teams will put on masks and then go to a party and find the couple wearing the same masks as them, or Light Brigade, which has the teams assembling a chandelier. Get it right and they get next clue, but get it wrong and the chandelier crashes and they have to start all over!

We all know there is a Fast Forward available on tonight’s episode and Jason & Amy get to it first. They will be doing a crazy bungee jump of over 500 feet and if they pass then they can fast forward to the Pit Stop. However, it is too windy to attempt then and they have to wait 15 minutes. Amy thinks it is fine, but Jason thinks they should head back for one of the other challenges!

Meanwhile, all the other teams go for the Masquerade task and are doing it pretty easily, with Tim & Marie leading the pack. Jason & Amy continue to wait it out and considering their options, which they decide to come back and do the Detour. They come back and it looks like all the teams have completed their task, so they are pissed they appear to be in last place!

The teams get to the next clue on Amazing Race 2013 and it is a Road Block, which has one of the team members singing along with the Vienna Boys Choir. They will sing with the choir and sing until the choir master thinks they have done a good job. This could get ugly folks!

The teams are all practicing for their performance and amazingly Jason & Amy are able to catch up with everyone, but are behind on their practice time. Jason starts it out, but is sucking it up big time! Amy takes over.

Practice is done and the teams try to impress the choir master. No impressing is being done, as Travis, Jamal, Ally and Tim all get sent back for more practice on The Amazing Race 23! More practicing of this tough language and singing, but Travis is successful and gets the next clue and we see Nicky & Kim pass the test as well and head out!

The next clue is a Road Block, which has the teams going through a big maze to find out where the next Pit Stop is. It must be an easy maze, as Nicole & Travis breeze through it and find out the Pit Stop is at the Gloriette. They race there and are the first team to check-in with Phil Keoghan and win a trip!

Leo & Jamal and Tim & Marie finish their singing and head out to the Road Block, but Tim & Marie decide they are going to steal Jason & Amy’s cab!!! Of course, they will blame it on Leo & Jamal!

The next teams to check-in with Phil Keoghan on The Amazing Race 2013 are Nicky & Kim and then Leo & Jamal in third. To the dismay of Marie, Jason & Amy find their old cab driver and he tells them it was Tim & Marie that stole it! In true fashion, both teams arrive at the Pit Stop at the same time and we get some drama from the two teams and Jason said some people are just sneaky! I guess Jason & Amy won’t be helping them any more, huh?

However, they are teams four and five and we have Ally and Tim back at the Opera House trying to pass the choir master’s test! Both are trying hard to pass it and Ally finally gets the approval and they head out. This gets Tim worked up even more, but he finally gets it together and they head out trying to catch up.

It didn’t work, as Ally & Ashley get to Phil first and are the sixth team to check-in. Tim & Danny pull up the rear and Phil tells them they have been eliminated on The Amazing Race 2013!

What do you think of the results tonight on The Amazing Race Season 23?

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