The pressure is on tonight on The Amazing Race 2013, as the four remaining teams try to earn a spot in The Amazing Race Season 23 finale, but will Phil Keoghan surprise them all and say it is a non-elimination leg of the race and all four teams make it to the final leg? I am not sure, as we have had a few non-elimination legs this season, so there might be someone going home tonight. Besides the pressure of trying to make The Amazing Race 2013 finale, the teams will also face a test of eating snakes! Marie is not a fan, which means a meltdown from her! Watch it with us tonight during our Amazing Race 2013 Live Recap and see who got eliminated on The Amazing Race 2013 tonight!

Amazing Race 2013 Spoilers - Week 10

Last week on The Amazing Race 23, the five teams headed out of Abu Dhabi and made their way to Indonesia for what would be an interesting leg of the race. Nicole & Travis used the U-Turn on Leo & Jamal the week before because they lied to them earlier in the season and they want to be known for playing an honest game. Well, Nicole threw that out the window at one of the challenges when she couldn’t figure it out and kept trying to see how Leo successfully completed it, even though he kept hiding it from her. The only reason why Nicole completed it was because Amy showed her how it was done, which allowed her to beat out Ally & Ashley, who finished in last and were eliminated!

Will it be Jason & Amy, Nicole & Travis, Tim & Marie or Leo & Jamal in the finale? Find out with our Live Recap starting soon!!!


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The NFL game has us with a late start, yet again! Tonight’s show will begin at 8:50/7:50c!!!

Here we go…things kick off with Leo & Jamal starting this leg of the race, as the teams will now head to the King Cobra House to eat a King Cobra and then get their next clue! Apparently Marie is the pickiest eater out there, so this could be the end for them?

Leo & Jamal get there first and they have live King Cobras in front of them as they are served their portion! Tim & Marie arrive at the entrance, but the wrong entrance and trying to find the spot. Jason & Amy arrive and they think Tim & Marie have come and gone, which Leo & Jamal tell them. Nicole & Travis arrive, so all the teams there but Tim & Marie, who are yelling about where to go!

Leo & Jamal finish their snakes and get the clue, which is to head to Kawah Domas Crater. Jason & Amy and Nicole & Travis finish right after them, but Tim & Marie are still lost!

At the next clue, Jamal, Jason and Travis will be doing the Road Block, called Hard-Boiled. They will be taking 60 eggs on the back of a taxi through the woods and boil them in a crater! Then bring them back to be tested to see if they are hard-boiled or not!

The guys are boiling their eggs, but not sure how long to keep them in the water. They say 15 minutes, but the water is boiling and burning them when it hits their skin! After like five minutes, the eggs start cracking, so these eggs boil fast! Tim & Marie finally get to the snakes and she is not wanting to eat them on Amazing Race 2013! She doesn’t want to be the girl that didn’t eat the snake, so she breaks it into small parts and swallows it down with water! They get it done and head out to the next clue!

Travis and Jason finish their eggs, but Jamal stays a little longer to boil the eggs. Now Travis and Jason are worried about them being hard-boiled. They get them checked and Jason has two not good and all of Travis’ are bad! Jamal tests his and one of them is bad, so he has to go back too!

Meanwhile, Jason and Travis tell Jamal to tell Marie it takes like 8-10 minutes if they see her. There goes that honest game again from them on The Amazing Race 2013, huh? Jason and Travis wait 20 minutes this time and doing it all together, which is so annoying!

Marie cannot hard-boil eggs! Jason and Travis see her on the way back and Jason tells her it is quick and Travis says it is tiresome, but Jason says he’ll leave it to Jamal to be the culprit! Jason gets the eggs checked and they are correct, so they get the next clue, which is a Detour: Paint Your Partner, which requires teams to make each other up as a traditional bride without the use of a mirror, or Turn Over A New Leaf, which requires teams to dress up as traditional workers and go in the fields and find the hidden tool. Both Jason & Amy and Nicole & Travis do Paint Your Partner and I am sick of both of them!

Marie is now holding the eggs over the water and not in it! She now puts it into the water, but does not know how long to leave them in the water. Jason & Amy and Nicole & Travis get to the detour and Travis must shave to do this challenge! They are both putting on their makeups and the guys are not having fun!

Leo & Jamal do the tea and it is a huge field with lots of tunnels and it is way too confusing. Marie turns in her eggs and they are all done right on the first try! Travis’ face is too oily and the gold stickers are not sticking. Marie and Tim get there and she does not wear makeup, so this is interesting! Leo & Jamal have had no success with the tea field, so they decide to switch it up and will be way behind now!

Well, Leo & Jamal get to the makeup and see everyone there, so feel a little reassured. They have no clue on how to do makeup and find out they have to shave, so they say no thanks and head back to the tea field! Jason & Amy finish the makeup and get the next clue, which is to head to the next Pit Stop at the bottom of Cimahi Waterfall.

Travis & Nicole and Tim & Marie try and try with the makeup, but keep getting turned down! After all the legs of the race and second places, Jason and Amy finally check-in with Phil Keoghan as team number one and win a trip to Cancun!

Tim & Marie get all the makeup right and then black smudge marks cleaned up and get approval, so they head to the Pit Stop! After many nos, Travis & Nicole finally get approval and Leo & Jamal finally find the tool and Jamal is pissed because he told Leo to look in the middle of the rows and he wasn’t! Now it is a race to the Pit Stop! Tim & Marie and Nicole & Travis are going back and forth with their taxis, but no Jamal & Leo sighting!

Tim & Marie check-in as team number two and Nicole & Travis are the third team. Jamal & Leo check-in as the last team, but of course it is a non-elimination leg of the race and still in the game! They will face a Speed Bump next week on the finale!

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