We have two hours to make it through tonight on The Amazing Race 2013, but then the winner of The Amazing Race Season 23 will be crowned and someone will be taking home $1 million in Alaska! The previews are saying this is going to be the most exhausting, both physically and mentally, finale on The Amazing Race 2013 ever. I guess they will be earning that winning prize, huh? Watch it go down with us tonight during our Amazing Race 2013 Live Recap and see who won The Amazing Race 2013 tonight!

Amazing Race 2013 Spoilers - Finale

Last week on The Amazing Race Season 23, the teams took on some interesting challenges, which consisted of eating snakes to boiling eggs in a crater! The best challenge of the season had the teams have to do each other up in makeup and get done up like a traditional bride. Jason makes a pretty drag queen, huh? It was the Detour that took down Leo & Jamal, as they searched and searched to find a tool in a tea field. After hours of no luck, they decided to switch to the makeup. They get there and say no way to shaving their beards, so headed back to find the tool. They finally found it, but it was too late and they checked in with host Phil Keoghan as the last team. However, non-elimination leg of the race and they survived!

The drama starts soon, so follow along with us in our Live Recap starting soon!


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Here we go…we are taking a look back at the season and all the teams and then a special look at the final four teams. Who are you rooting for tonight???

Jason & Amy kick things off tonight on The Amazing Race 2013 and they will all be heading to Tokyo and make their way to the Gotokuji Temple for the next clue. They all get the same flight, but then at a layover, Leo & Jamal find an earlier connecting flight and take it. The other teams just drive me insane and have all agreed to work together to beat the Afghanimals and are annoying me already!

Leo & Jamal get to Tokyo first and head out, but then the other three teams all arrive and waiting on taxis, which are taking forever. Jason & Amy and Nicole & Travis don’t know the address and the taxis need it, but Marie has it and wants a taxi for them and she’ll give it. Travis gets pissed and says lets go, but the taxis won’t leave without a third! What happened to Nicole preaching about working together???? Such hypocrites!!!

Leo & Jamal get to the clue first and it is a Detour: Knock It Down, which is to become a human bowling ball, or Call It Up. They will do Knock It Down. The other teams arrive and get their clues and their taxi drivers can’t understand English and will not separate! Nicole & Travis want to do Call It Up, but it looks like they will be bowling!

Time for some bowling, as both team members will become the bowling ball and once they get a strike they get the next clue. This looks like so much fun, but it definitely is not easy! I am beyond annoyed with Jason & Amy and Nicole & Travis. They get to the park and decide to do the other Detour, which is Call It Up. They do not tell Tim & Marie and let them leave and try and find the bowling! They walked to not throw them off, which is not playing an honest game. Anyone else annoyed by this?

For Call It Up, one person will have to get in a phone booth full of water and goldfish and make a phone call. They will then get out and run to tell their teammate what they heard. Get it right and get the next clue. Over at bowling, Leo & Jamal get the strike finally and head over to Shinjuku Chuo Koen.

Jason & Amy and Nicole & Travis both get the call and get it right, so they are done and moving on. Tim & Marie have now arrived at bowling, so they appear to be far behind. They are not doing well with the bowling either! They finally figure out how to get the pins down and get a strike and headed out.

Leo & Jamal get to the next clue and it is their Speed Bump, which requires them to become an apprentice zookeeper. They will work with a crew and try to contain an escaped rhino! They start working and Jason & Amy and Nicole & Travis arrive. They get to the next clue, which is to build a robot. Of course, Nicole and Amy will build it together! The Afghanimals get done and Leo starts building the robot!

Tim & Marie arrive and Marie is building the robot, but can’t find the tiny model. She asks Nicole & Amy and they lie again and say they don’t know. She asks Leo and he tells her! Meanwhile, Nicole and Amy have to build two, so working together is stupid! Marie is catching up and Leo is going strong. Right now I am having a first, as I am rooting for Marie to kick their butt, but keep Leo with you!

The teams are all pretty much even, but are they correct. Leo gets his checked first and he is not right. Nicole is incorrect and Amy is incorrect. Marie has not asked for it yet, but everyone else is asking and wrong. Marie finally asks and is correct!!! They head out and now must find a roaming vending machine. She thanks the girls for not helping them as they continue. Nicole is yelling at Amy to finish one and get hers right.

Amy finally realizes what is wrong and gets her correct. She sticks around to help Nicole, but Jason is getting pissed! Tim & Marie find the roaming vending machine and will now head to Konno Hachimangu Shrine for the Pit Stop! They are the first team there, so win a trip to Aruba!

Nicole gets it done and then Leo gets it done, so a race between them. Jason & Amy check-in as team number two. They make it look close, but Nicole & Travis get there as the third team on The Amazing Race 2013 finale and Leo & Jamal have been eliminated tonight!

Time to kick off the last leg of The Amazing Race 2013. Tim & Marie start it out and we find out they will be heading to Alaska and if they win, Marie made Tim sign a contract and he will get 40% of what they win and she gets 60%! Jason & Amy think they are the best team to ever run the race. Do you agree?

The teams are all on the same flight and here we go. The flight is done and the fighting for taxis happens, and Marie could take them all. They are on boats and heading to the clue and everyone trying to pass everyone. They get to the next clue, which is a Road Block. One of them must go up in the plane and do a supply drop and hit the flour bag on the target. Hit it and move on!

All the girls are doing this and Nicole is first and misses, but close. Amy is next and way off. Marie is off, but close. Nicole misses and Amy hits it, so they are moving on. They will now take a helicopter to take an ice expedition. They will find their clue, but frozen in ice! They will have to pick their way to the clue.

Nicole and Marie continue to struggle, as Jason and Amy get started on their expedition. On the twelfth attempt, Marie finally gets it and they head out. Nicole still can’t get it and Travis is getting very angry!

So, this appears to be a cakewalk for Jason & Amy, as they appear to be far ahead. They didn’t show us the attempt number, but Nicole finally hit the target. The helicopter ride is very quiet afterwards. Jason & Amy are going through a glacier tunnel and Jason is very happy, but only because they are in first place!

Jason & Amy arrive at the clue wall and start chipping away to find the clue, but all they find are try again envelopes! They finally find it, which tells them to hike down and kayak to the marked island for their next clue! Nicole has fallen apart, as she slips climbing the wall and drops her pick! How will she get up now? She digs deep and makes it up the wall, which is impressive.

Tim & Marie get their clue out of the all and head to the marked island on The Amazing Race 2013. Jason & Amy get to the island and get the clue. They will take a helicopter back to Juneau and head to Blueberry Hills Trailhead for the next clue.

And this is where it will get interesting! The final challenge on Amazing Race 2013: build a wall of totem poles for the currency of every country they visited. The poles must be in order of the country they visited. Jason & Amy have started and Amy memorized everything and took all the notes of everything but the currency. Marie says they know everything but Abu Dhabi, so hopefully that works out for them.

We now have all three teams working on the totem poles, but Nicole & Travis are way behind. Jason & Amy think they have it done and get it checked out. They are indeed correct and get the clue. They will head to the end of North Douglas Highway. Tim & Marie finish shortly after, so they make it look like it will be a race. Not even close, as Jason & Amy have crossed the finish line first and they are the winners of The Amazing Race Season 23! Yup, I still don’t like them!

What do you think of the results on The Amazing Race 2013 tonight?

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