Everyone needs to get ready, as we have another new episode of The Amazing Race 2013 tonight and it looks like we have a good one on our hands! Phil Keoghan will have the teams busting through some huge rocks of salt and then making them bathe in them with some freezing water that none of the teams seem excited about! Throw in some show polishing and it looks like we have an episode of The Amazing Race Season 23 in place! Check out the latest episode with us during our Amazing Race 2013 Live Recap and see who went home on The Amazing Race 2013 tonight!

Amazing Race Season 23 Spoilers - Week 2

Last week on The Amazing Race Season 23the teams took off and made their way to Chile. They did some hang gliding and some rowing in a boat to collect fish and checked in with Phil. The most important thing they did, though, was not read the directions on the clues! It hurt many of them and stopped any chance Hoskote & Naina had of catching up and not being eliminated from the race.

Tonight the teams will be in some extreme conditions, as they sweat their way through breaking down some rocks of salt. Those salts will be used in an unordinary bath and many of the teams are not excited to strip down and hop in! Another team is sent home, so watch with our Live Recap starting soon!


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Football has us starting late again tonight, so we will start the live recap at 8:44 pm EST! Be back then!

Here we go…the second leg of the race begins with Tim & Marie and they are headed to the Museo Corbeta Esmeralda to find the next clue. They find the clue and must find the host and repeat the Spanish phrase to them. The teams all scatter trying to find the phrase and Brandon & Adam find it and repeat it to the host and get the next clue, which is to head to Irlanda Salt Mines for the next clue!

The teams get to the salt mines and it is a Detour where they ride bikes to then do Mining or Brining. Mining is breaking salt blocks until they find one with a clue. Brining is filling a tub with enough salt to let them float in the water and read the local newspaper.

It is Nicole’s 40th birthday, but she is struggling on that bike! Rowan & Shane are lost with their taxi driver on Amazing Race 2013!

Ashley & Ally figure mining is too much for them once they started, so they switch to brining. Brandon & Adam get their salt cube open and find a clue, which it ti take a bus ride to Santiago, Chile and then head to Plaza de Armas to search for their next clue! Leo & Jamal get the clue next and head out and then Chester & Ephraim.

Rowan & Shane finally get to the bikes and will do mining on Amazing Race 2013! The teams are now getting to the bus station and there is a 1:30 pm bus, but only a few spots open and then a 2:00 pm bus and Marie is on second bus and everyone is over her, including me!

The Bingo Queens get tickets on the last bus with the other teams, but then try to be sneaky and get their earlier. They get a different bus, which they think arrives in Santiago two hours earlier than the last bus, but that is when it leaves the station and they just screwed themselves over! Now they sit and wait for another bus.

The first bus arrives in Santiago and the teams get the clue and they will shine shoes and then pack up the shoe-shining stand! Everything must fit and it looks like it has to be done a certain way to all fit.

Meanwhile, Tim starts talking to Nicky & Kim and Tim used to play minor baseball and played with one of their husbands! This forms a bond between them and Tim & Marie decide to align with them and give them the Express Pass because everyone hates them, but they also think they can beat Nicky & Kim.

Chester & Ephraim get the cart packed and get the next clue, which is to head to Cascada de Las Animas for the Pit Stop of this leg of the race!

Leo & Jamal get to Phil Keoghan first, but they need to go back and settle their taxi bill! Chester & Ephraim check-in before Leo & Jamal get back, so they are first team and win a trip! Leo & Jamal come back and check-in as team number two and are angry with each other. Brandon & Adam are team three, Nicole & Travis are four and Jason & Amy are five.

The final teams are shining shoes now on The Amazing Race Season 23 and Rowan & Shane arrive and have caught up! Marie is shining shoes and can’t get it right and getting angry!

Rowan is just trying to make them lose, as he finds a random shoe-shiner and uses that. He is wrong and will have to do it all over again! Nicky forgot the rug and must go back, but Rowan has wrong cart and must go back and do it all again! Tim & Danny check-in as team six and Ally & Ashley check-in as team seven.

Nicky asks for the Express Pass from Marie and of course she doesn’t give it to them! Nicky and Rowan appear to get it down closely and are headed to the check-in. Tim & Marie check-in as team eight. We get Nicky & Kim as team nine, so Rowan & Shane are team ten and have been eliminated on The Amazing Race 2013 tonight!

What do you think of the show tonight?

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