The racers are in Champagne country for this leg of the race and you would have thought someone had too much to drink with all the bad directions given out.  Not only were they given misinformation but they had to fight the freezing cold temperatures as well.

The detectives depart first and head to find the statue of Joan of Arc in Reims where they are given a clue to a wine cellar.  The teams must rappel down into the caves of the wine celler and find a specially marked bottle from 1 of thousands.  They then get to use a saber to slice off the top where their next clue pops out.  It is from this clue that all the confusion begins. 

The teams must go to a vineyard where they are stopped at a road block and choose from searching for a small cluster of grapes or building a champagne tower out of 680 glasses. 

Most of the teams stop and ask directions from a tourism spot and they get sent to where the wine is distributed and not where it is made and they both have the same name so hence the confusion. 

Searching for the grapes is where all the teams end up completing the task except for the brothers who are the only team to successfully build their tower.  Brent and Caite tried but end up breaking the glasses once the champagne is poured and Jeff and Jordan break their glasses before they even finish building the tower.

The detectives once again come in first at the pit stop and each receive a trip for two to Cancun.  Jeff and Jordan are the last team to arrive and this time they are eliminated from the race.  Next week it looks like there is trouble in paradise for Brent and Caite.

Surprised Jeff and Jordan lasted as long as they did?