Shin Lim proved to the audience and the world why he was deserving of being named the winner of AGT: The Champions 2019 last night! During the AGT Finale last night, he was able to give us one more card trick and he did not disappoint. It’s amazing how he can do these things, so check out his AGT Champions performance below in our AGT: The Champions 2019 spoilers!

AGT The Champions 2019 Spoilers - Shin Lim wows crowd with magic

Since NBC had to get us through two hours of programming before finally announcing Shin Lim as the winner, we had a lot of performances to fill up the time. One of those performances happened to be Lim and another amazing card trick that he performed.

For this one, he was assisted by Melissa Fumero, one of the stars of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. To start the trick, Shin Lim showed a blank card and talked about how life is about moments. He took a picture of Melissa holding up the blank card on her phone. He then had Melissa pick her favorite card, which ended up being the queen of diamonds.

After some card tricks and Melissa shuffling the deck and dealing out the queen of diamonds to Shin, he had her kiss the queen to get some lipstick prints on it. She placed it in her mouth while biting on it and he did the same for a two of hearts.

Some how, some way, the cards flipped mouths and he had the queens of hearts in his mouth and she had the two of hearts in her mouth! Then he leaves us all stunned with the photo he took on her phone, which you have to watch to see!

Check out the Shin Lim performance from the AGT Finale last night here:

What did you think of Shin Lim winning AGT Champions last night?

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