The final week of performances on AGT: The Champions 2019 and it was time for AGT Champions host Terry Crews to hand out his Golden Buzzer. It took some time, but Ukraine’s Got Talent Season 1 winner Kseniya Simonova ended up getting that automatic spot in next week’s finale! Check out Kseniya Simonova’s performance below in our AGT: The Champions 2019 spoilers!

AGT The Champions 2019 Spoilers - Kseniya Simonova

Kseniya Simonova is a sand artist and while that doesn’t seem like it should be worthy of winning a show like this, you have to watch the actual performance! And it was enough to win Ukraine’s Got Talent back in 2009! Kseniya is a mom by day and a sand artist by night and her husband actually signed her up to be on the show originally. It worked out well, huh?

For this performance, she says she is going to be telling a story of an artist that grew up and forgot his parents! Real uplifting, huh? She works so fast during this performance, but the story is told and it may depress you, so be careful!

The judges give their feedback and Simon Cowell thinks she may be one of the best contestants ever. Mel B said it was “incredible” and “brilliant.” Howie Mandel said it was “emotional” and “beautiful” and she was the champion. It was a moving performance and so moving that Crews hit the Golden Buzzer for her on AGT: The Champions 2019! He said “he’s never seen anyone with the ability to move audiences the way she did.”

Check out the Golden Buzzer performance from Kseniya Simonova on AGT Champions right here:

What did you think of the performance? Was it worthy of the Golden Buzzer?

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