Finally, we hear someone perform on the idol stage with true talent.  Adam Lambert returned this week to mentor the Top 9 for Elvis week and performed Whataya Want From Me on the results show.

Adam opens the song in a swirling cloud of green lasers shaped like a cone.  The version of the song is something new and different that only Adam can do.  Hopefully the idols are taking notes of his performance because they desperately need to bring some kind of rockin excitement to the stage instead of all the blah boring slow ballads they consistently sing from week to week.

Siobhan Magnus, known for her screams this season, should pay particular attention to how Adam hits the high notes and still manages to stay on key.

Ryan Seacrest, who is acting pretty normal this evening for a change exclaims, “Now that’s a performance!”  Adam thanks American Idol for preparing him for the real world of the music industry and says he wouldn’t have gotten this far without it. 

I’m saying Adam gives the best performance of the season. What did you think?

SirLinksalot American Idol

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