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ABC dropped new Bachelor 2012 episode 5 wild,revealing spoilers. The next episode 5 of ABC’s hit show the “Bachelor 2012” airs tonight,and some new spoilers have been revealed for the show,which include a little skinny dipping action,and more.

First off, Ben is taking the girls to sunny Puerto Rico,so he can find out who to boot off, next. He’s going to end up taking Nicki Sterling on a 1 on 1 date,and reportedly takes her to Old San Juan to visit a wedding chapel,while dressed in a suit and stuff.

Next,he’s taking 8 of the the ladies on a group date to play baseball. The girls he takes,are reported to be Lindzi, Casey, Blakeley, Emily, Jennifer, Jamie, Rachel, and Courtney. Ben and Courtney also go skinny dipping after Courtney gets scandalous,again,and shows up at his door step to beg,prod,and manipulate the poor lad.

Finally,at the rose ceremony, it’s reported that Jamie Otis and Jennifer get the boot,and Elyse may also join them,but that part of the report is iffy,so to speak. Episode 5 airs tonight at 7pm central time on ABC. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here.

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