The drama is heating up on 90 Day Fiance and it’s not drama between one of the couples! Nope, instead, it’s between two of the guys that appeared on the show, as Pedro Jimeno called out Luis Mendez in an Instagram Live post! See what he said below in our 90 Day Fiance spoilers!

So, it turns out that Luis was doing an Instagram Live video and out of nowhere pops up Pedro, who isn’t the biggest user of social media. However, he commented on the live stream, as he called Luis a “chapiador.”

While some of us might not know what that means, both of the fellas are from the Dominican Republic. In the DR, it’s slang for a gold-digger! There hasn’t been any comments back on this yet from Luis, but is that the pot calling the kettle black?

It may seem that way, as Pedro came to the United States to marry Chantel Everett and her family thought he was using her for a green card. While they struggled with finances and living in a one-bedroom apartment, he was sending money home to his mother and sister.

Despite that, Pedro and Chantel are still married. On the other side of things, Luis came to the United States to marry Molly Hopkins. However, that didn’t work out and they got divorced. Now Luis has moved on and married again, so it looks like he did use Molly for that green card and since she sponsored his visa, she will be doing the sponsoring for the next 10 years!

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