Nine strangers being dropped off on a deserted island and only given one bottle of water and a GPS system to navigate sounds like the perfect idea for the new show called 72 Hours on TNT and it kicks off tonight. 72 Hours on TNT has teams trying to make it 72 hours and find the hidden briefcase with the winning prize of $100,000! Brandon Johnson hosts and it looks like a decent show, so watch with us during our 72 Hours on TNT Live Recap and find out who wins the $100,000 on TNT’s 72 Hours tonight!

72 Hours on TNT Premiere

The concept of the show is actually pretty cool, but can TNT pull it off and have a new summer hit on their hands. The teams will be comprised of three strangers, all with their own strengths to add to the teams on 72 Hours 2013. They’ll have to work together in the next 72 hours in order to find that briefcase and the first team to find it wins!

Brandon Johnson is best known for his time on Shake It Up on Disney, but now he takes over the hosting duties on 72 Hours Season 1. See how the teams do tonight on the 72 Hours premiere during our Live Recap starting shortly!

Here we go….the Blue Team tonight consists of Corey, Shelise and Garfield, who said he comes across as arrogant, but it could be the English accent. The Red Team is Alex, Dayna and Christian and Alex was hit by a tour bus with her daughter and should not be alive right now! The Green team is Chris, Lindsay and Michelle. Chris comes from a military family, but is the only one to  not go military and is a dance instructor.

Lindsay can filter water and thinks she is a strong force out here. They meet with Brandon Johnson on the shore, but then the helicopter flies into and swoops the $100,000 and briefcase away. Let the 72 hours begin!!!

The teams will only travel from morning to night and start with a three-mile trek to the first supply beach. Corey has some big guns, but he might be a little too arrogant for me. For the Green Team, Chris notices that Michelle is a strong team member, but Lindsay is a princess!

The Blue Team reaches the Supply Drop first and radio in to Brandon. They will get supplies, but not everything is needed to survive. The teams must decide what to take and what to leave on 72 Hours. The Red Team is next and they take everything but the inner tube and pump. The Green Team arrives last and gets their supplies.

The Blue Team gets in the water and Corey is freaking out and wants to get to the land ASAP! They get to land though and his muscles are not working in the water too well. The Red Team got a wet bag and matches are ruined. The Green Team is in last, but they find some pineapples along the way!

Supply Drop 2 is next! Green Team keeps getting lost and went in a big circle! The Red Team is hating on each other and are whipped from walking through the jungle. They call for a relief drop, which includes some limited food and basic needs, but it comes with a one-hour penalty! The pineapple did not sit well for Lindsay, as she is hacking it up on the Green Team! They don’t want to take any chances, so they just setup camp for the night and give Lindsay some rest.

All teams setup camp for the night and the Blue and Red Team are camped on shore and the Green Team is camped in the jungle. The Red Team is trying to start a fire without matches and not having an easy time!

We have now arrived at the next 24 hours and all of the teams slept like crap on 72 Hours on TNT! Chris is still getting lost, so Lindsay takes over the navigation for the Green Team. Corey is having some muscle issues, since he has no water and they are tightening up.

Christian won’t go into the jungle because of a spider and Dayna gives him crap for it. Chris is getting dehydrated on the Green Team and wants a Relief Drop and will take the penalty. More swimming for the Blue Team and Corey isn’t sure if he can make it with how weak he feels! Garfield helps him out and Corey gets the water.

The Green Team gets their relief drop and get an octopus and lots of water! The Blue Team gets to Supply Drop 2 and Brandon calls for some more supplies. They get kayaks, but they must go six miles to the next island and Brandon tells them to just camp out for the night. The Red Team is feeling sad after seeing the Blue Team and the helicopter get the next supplies.

Green Team gets their fire going and cook up the octopus. They are all loving it!

The next day starts and time to start that six mile canoe ride for the Blue Team! All teams in water now and Shelise is feeling so tired on the Blue Team and clocking out! She keeps pushing through and now they are 52 hours into the 72 hours and headed to Supply Drop 3! The Green Team gets to the island, but they have found a clear path to Supply Drop 3, so can they do some passing on TNT’s 72 Hours? Garfield is passing out, so they call for a relief drop because Garfield is not going to make it. Now they have an hour penalty, as they have led the whole time!

Alex talks Dayna into pushing on for the Red Team and they get to the supply drop! Right behind them is the Green Team, so the race is on now!

The Blue Team is passed out on the mountain, as Garfield is not doing good. The supply drops come for the Red and Green Team. They have the coordinates and get swimming masks, as they head out to find the money. They must all touch the briefcase at the same time! Dayna thinks they need to go in a certain direction, but Christian wants them headed in the water. Meanwhile, the Green Team goes further walking and gets in the water and Chris goes in and finds it! He pulls it up and swims to meet the others and all touch it. Alex sees he has it, so she swims with everything in her to get it from Chris! Too late, as all three from the Green Team touched the briefcase and they have won $100,000! From last to first, how about that?

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